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The Age Of Innocence.

Not sure if this is interesting to anyone else but I recently found myself fascinated by the subject of "Defense of infancy" and the huge variations between different states of the world. What is presumed to be a child in one country may also be a fully or partially criminally liable person in another.

Cultures and state arrangements are indeed so different but how can that be that in one place your mischievous act will get you serious consequences like prison time and a long time of retribution and in another you will be seen as a child in need of counseling. I can understand that state rules vary but SHOULDN'T THAT BE A PSYCHOLOGY MATTER??; when can one indeed be perceived as a liable person.

For example. I live in one Eastern European country and here there is no criminal liability for persons under the age of 14. Not even for murder. This person is considered a child no matter the act. You are liable from the age of 14 until 18, but considered a minor and will probably get away with easier measures of retribution depending on the act. For example, maximum sentence for a murder act when the offender is a person who is a minor, is a 5 years prison sentence. And I'm not saying that is or is not a good thing, just that I somehow doubt that the same case would be in the country such as USA.

But in some countries you are held criminally responsible from the ages of 7 and so on. The point. The mistakes you make and the "society error free pass cards" only depend on the type of culture and state you were born in. So, tough luck. :P