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Welcome to dr. robert forum.

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Thanks to the help of a very kind Cajun amigo, the Dr. Robert Forum is back, better than ever, at:

I look forward to seeing you all there.

Be well,

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Re: This place needs registration thingies or moderators.

I thought it was you who has been spamming this site. It seems totally in character--your real character, I mean. Quite a funny way to act really for someone who claims to be a superior intellect who is responsible for cleaning up humanity's problems.

By the way, you still owe the Doctor an apology, but I do not expect that it will be forthcoming from a twisted sister like yourself. But whether you give an apology for your erroneous, mean-spirited, jealous attacks on the Doctor or not, please stop the spam. No one likes to open a post and find your stinking self-promotion where a message should be.

This is a site for serious conversation, which you never quite understood.

Re: This place needs registration thingies or moderators.

I apologise. Now visit sim's site!