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A true sociopath

The nice thing about the internet is no matter what kind of deviant you are, you're never alone. I'm a sociopath by every definition of the word. I wonder what it would be like to be able to feel the things others do. In a sense I am jelous, and feel like somehow I was shorted in life to be handed the genetic structure I did. However, this world needs all sorts to continue, and we are what we are. Because we are different than "normal"... normal being the majority of people, we are given a label. Mental illness is simply not black and white... it's a huge, sliding, mostly grey scale. I beleive I sit somewhere towards the darker end of the spectrum, but definitly not wanting to physically harm anyone or anything. People on this site wonder, what it's like to really be a sociapath, what is their game? Well, the answer is chilling to most people... a sociopath wants to win. It does not matter what our "game" is... it could be an obsession with money, or an obsession with sex, or anything at all... but we want to win at it, no matter what. And our lack of remourse and feeling allows us to manipulate others like puppets. Most people in their idle time think about their interactions with others... family, friends, loved ones... when the mind is cleared of those thoughts, what is left? Winning. Playing a game... winning. Getting what you want... whatever that is... and winning. We have a strong belief that our minds are stronger than others... maybe not smarter, but more cunning and quicker. I'm extremely good and mimicking emotions... putting on the happy face and big smile and disarming anyone, but it's all b$$#sh%t.... so I can win. I've been reading many forums to see if there is "help" or treatment for guys like me, but there is not. If you're like me, and you're reading this, well... you're not alone, I can't give you any great advice. We live in a society, so make the best of it... TRY and live by its rules, Try and hold down a job, even though you are just a tiger pacing in a cage. If you want a relationship... well, good luck... we simply get bored too easily... so realize that even if we don't have any emotions, others do, and try and respect that, and maybe someone will put up with your lies and bs.

Re: A true sociopath

I wonder... was there a point to this wall of text? If there was, i missed it.

EDIT: You keep saying 'we' and 'our kind'. Is there a social club that i've missed? What the hell is the obsession with identifying yourself into a group? I don't know who are "we" but i'll stay out of your "we", thanks.

Re: A true sociopath

And what is your purpose on this forum? Are you trying to win something, state something, discover something new?

Is winning fulfilling you or are you trying for something else (perhaps a greater win than others)...

Talk about yourself....

Re: A true sociopath

No there is no point and nothing to win here. I spent some time reading another guys plea for help and wishing he could change on here, and thought I would give my two cents. I actually meant to reply to that post, but created another, but whatever. Seems like a very diverse forum and I'm not here to offend.

Re: A true sociopath

Well then welcome, I respect the views of everyone here...and have found this forum refreshing.

Re: A true sociopath

Thanks. I just kind of stumbled across this site. Still reading through a lot of the posts to see what this site is all about. Looks like a support network/discussion forum that's pretty open-ended? I'm not planning on being a regular here, just bored tonight.