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Im dating a woman, for 5 months now, and I love her very much and we have an amazing relationship. Until last friday. About a month ago she had a male friend stay with her for a week with whom she had relations with in the past and I was fine with it. Then I ran into my ex who also had a bunch of guy friends but consistantly cheated on me. It took me a year to get over it but when I saw her again, that hurt came back. I acted jealous with the current girlfriend about the guy staying but we talked it out. Then I made a comment about her friend liking her. Later I heard her talking to a guy she works with and he was calling her "baby" and I said something. She said that's just how he is so I let it go. Recently we made plans to POSSIBLY hang out when she got off work but she didn't call ALL day so I went over there later that night and found her outside her house eating ice cream and standing with her friend to whom she carpooled with. I was irritated and when she came to kiss me I abrubtly said I want to park the car and sped off to park. She saw this as jealous behavior. The next day I went to her friend's house to apologize for being a jerk and unloaded my problems, not realizing he didn't want to be caught in the middle. I went over again to hang out with him and his roomate and again unloaded my problems. The next day they told her what I did and that it made them feel uncomfortable. My girlfriend was furious and told me to go do some soul searching. I am not a jealous person and I felt I was over the wrong done to me from my ex but I feel seeing her again may have surfaced some feelings and I carried it over to my current relationship. My current girlfriend would never cheat on me but I still acted jealous after 5 months of the most beautiful relationship of my life. Was it cuz I saw my ex or am I really a jealous person and just dont realize it?

Re: Jealousy

She got furious when you got suspicious? That is a heavy defense mechanism that also makes you ashamed of yourself and give her some room, you might be right about her cheating on you. Ofcourse i never trust another person and expect nothing of others so take my reply as you want. It's just a thought i gathered from your post.