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Re: Do I have paranoia?

Adam Alexantropos

I have read some of Dr. Robert's responses to certain questions and I find them lacking and biased.

Please specify. A generalization such as this is worse than useless.

Re: Do I have paranoia?

I am sorry for not responding correctely to your post. I think it is a very relevant point and I wish to reply as soon as possible but, since it will exert my mind a bit to explain my point of view in that regard and I have been mentally exausted (the few posts I made the other day were a difficult stretch), I chose to write this small paragraph out of respect and good will to let you know I will respond clearly and straightfowardly in the next couple of days.

Thank you for your understanding.

Re: Do I have paranoia?

Thanks. No hurry. I appreciate your reply.

Be well.

Re: Do I have paranoia?

I will create a new thread just for this because as I wrote I came to the conclusion it is much more important than what I thought...

Inadvertenly, you may have made me realise I should have discussed this matter publicly right from the start.

The thread will be named "The boy who would be a pedophile and Dr. Robert's blunder"