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Re: Do you ever wonder if there's a meaning to life?

Wittgenstein wrote something like

'life does not have meaning. If it did have any meaning, it would be meaningless. Meaning is transcendent. God does not explain himself in the world'

and later

'it is obvious that after every possible question of natural science has been answered, the problems of life will remain'

Why look for meaning in life, as if it were a book or a novel? Why look for a answer, as if it were a question? Life is so much more than any of these things.

If you ask simplistic questions, you get simplistic answers (does it have a reason? Well, no, not exactly). Life is to complex. So, what is your question?

The only analogy I ever found useful for life was that of the artist. If he worries about what the point of his work if before he puts brush to paper, or lets someone else tell him what to paint, he's a very poor artist. Art creates value, just as we have have to try to create value in our lives, as no one from the big outside is evaluating them for us. As to what value is...

The purpose of your existence is to amuse me.

You are so.. unstructured in your thought. Are you really a person who follows a "dead" faith or do you have a living faith or are you just forsaken?

"I pray and I hope and I'm still going to Hell..."

That's wha t i saw a your response. Then you'd give me a bunch of uninspiring quotes that some other moron gave you and subject my intelligence to yet a longer durationof suffering as you tried and failed to explain yourself in anything more than "I don't really know either".

Yes, I learned to BS all the way through English. I made highest honors that semester and the next and the next and.. well not the next. But maybe I can see a pattern here. I'm smart and I achieve a lot because I am a deep thinker. I used to ask questions like that person did and my curiosity perhaps was not always wise but here I am.. far more interesting than some average and unimpressive discharge like you.

You are stuck in your dead end existence and you have no meaning in life and thus your life is bland. It is reflected in your vary nature and that's also why you are here.. looking for something more cause even some average person like you needs entertainment. It pains me to knows that we are the same species but I have found ways to psychologically distance myself from the likes of you just like you live in your neighborhood to stay away from the likes of them. Who are them? We all know who they are don't we.. yet we need not say it.. hmmm.

In fact I'm the most exciting thing to happen to you all day. Now thank me for emotionally exciting you.. Yeah, you are mad but are you not more alive than you normally are? Too bad you don't know how to exploit what i have done for you by using that energy in a positive manner. Convert the energy or be consumed by it.

Submit to my superior will. I have been trained to use the Force but I am the Master of the Darkside... and I'm a Jedi like my father before me.. I don't know.. some psychotic theme was my attempted projection but.. lost interest again.

Haha take that camper! Enjoy your sit, suck, and die!

Re: Do you ever wonder if there's a meaning to life?

You must have had a very expansive English class if they included an Austrian famous for his unreadable German books in the syllabus.

Not interested Z. Reply to the original post, or go foam at the keyboard in some other thread

Re: Do you ever wonder if there's a meaning to life?

Why don't we all just kill ourselves now?

The same reason you haven't killed yourself. Our instinct for survival is often strong enough to over power our angst, isn't it? Well, at least most of us.

Re: Do you ever wonder if there's a meaning to life?

I does thinks we be looking answer to that question in life. You does lives next 40 years and then comes up with ANSWER to that. It does be question you does has to answers yourself. I did FOUNDED answer already.

Everyone does has meaning to life. Keeps looking.

Be well