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Re: Just a couple questions

So I broke up with my boyfriend last night after finding out he'd been lying to me throughout our whole relationship...claiming all these detailed elaborate stories that he'd kept up for over a year. I started researching his behavior last night and it would seem that he is a sociopath. I can't say anything for the lack of guilt because frankly I have no way of knowing that...likely he would never admit it if it were true. I won't go into any of the reasons why I believe that he is a sociopath, we'll just say that everything pretty much checks out. Right now I'm more or less just trying to work out how his mind has been working this whole time. So he did manage to financially break me for over a year. I took care of him because his life was so awful and he had no where to go...I understand that the way this actually happened that I was being manipulated. Now after I kicked him out and he finally got a job, he started spending his money on me. I still spent money on him but it was basically evening itself out. With all that I've read it seems that sociopaths would only sacrifice something of theirs for a hidden agenda...and I'm trying to see if these reasons are what a sociopath would be aiming for. He had been talking a lot about opening up a bank account in his name that we could share....for reasons that would benefit me, lol, although I'm sure I know the actual reason. Or I was thinking maybe it was because he saw in me a money pit and wanted to keep me until he could rig me into getting a place with him and dropping his job, although that would've taken far longer and many more sacrifices on his part until that happened. Are these things that a sociopath thinks about working toward and sacrifices their money and time to achieve? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you.

He sounds like more like a manipulative asshol e than a sociopath. Oh yes, be sure to use the word "Psychopath" in the future, it's more catchy with kids like us.