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Re: confused, please help

Yeah, I pretty much thought that I was going to have to develop a disorder just to deal with that fact when I was your age. Your welcome.

The articles are pretty much the best thing I've ever read on the topic of soci/psychopathy. A good whetstone if you really think you might be one. And informative if you're not, as you'll most likely meet one at some point.

I am an adult. And I am sorry about McDonalds. Now THAT will make you psychopathic.

Re: confused, please help

I find these "articles" on psychopaths amusing. What little research has been done has been, for the most part, with PRISON population. Stupid criminals go to prison. I would serve maximum sentence that my country allows if my trespasses would come to light but i've never even stepped into a courtroom. People really need to stop thinking movies depict my kind accurately. Even Dr. Robert says that he's experience is mostly with prisoners, again the stupid criminals or those that can't handle their impulses.

I've watched many documentaries and programmes and mostly i just laugh because they handpick the most violent or sadistic cases they can find. Oh well, i guess you need your boogiemen to sell those guns.

Also, you're 16. You brain is starting to take shape and your personality is starting to form. Don't be afraid of everything that differs from your friends or people your age. If you, after serious consideration, think (not feel) that you need help then seek it but don't go to the doctor to look for a pill to make you "normal". Normal is an illusion, everyone is crazy, specially in their teens, in some way.