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Re: I envy psychopathic lack of emotion

Oh and Dragontongue.. I didn't read your post. LOL It's the simple things that get me in life.

Really? Oh, goodie! And here I was a bit ticked at myself for telling you a dumb dream like that just because I was bored. ^^ Life is good to me sometimes!

Re: I envy psychopathic lack of emotion

Tell me a relatively short story. Make it something powered by your imagination. Anyone. tell me a story or a reoccurring dream. I want to train.

Cool! I'm up for that. How's this?

I dreamed that I was in my mother's room, walking past that tall, wall-mounted mirror she has next to the closet. Something in the mirror caught my eye, and I turned to look. The first thing I saw was my reflection. It didn't look like me. This girl was so beautiful! I couldn't even look at her face at first. She wore my clothes with a style I could never manage. Her hair was so dark and pretty... all soft black waves and curls... and then I saw her eyes. They were red. I was... entranced, I suppose you could say. I couldn't move or look away. I didn't want to. And when I realized that, she smiled. It was not a particularly nice smile, but it was beautiful all the same. And as she smiled--so slowly--I felt myself changing. I felt myself straightening up, standing more confidently. I felt my hair becoming longer, heavier. I felt her smile growing on my face. I felt myself--the person I had been--dying. And I felt powerful. Strong, beautiful, confident, triumphant. I laughed softly with my reflection in the mirror--and woke.

Re: I envy psychopatic lack of emotion

Ok, just wanna say, yes it feels pathetic trying to control people around you... But it's just for one of a few reasons: 1. A rush 2. Being bored 3. Anger 4. Other reasons I don't remember...

Which I don't know why I have so much anger, or jealousy...I think the jealousy is not because I give a **** about another person, but it's something inside of me.

I feel like I can't be happy BECAUSE OF others. I feel like I can only be happy in isolation. Just me. I seriously dislike people... Somebody might say I am disrespectful but I can't even see it... It's like I don't even know what they're talking about. I couldn't care less about people's approval. That's got me in a bit of trouble throughout my life.

It's like they see things I can't see... Or maybe I see beyond what they see. It's strange. I react differently to things.