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Re: What makes the world aroudn you resonate?

Are we getting high? It sounds like we are getting high and/or creative. I love creativity! People who expand their minds beyond the limits of society are those who reinvent the world we live in. Except that whole going to the moon thing. That was just a really good trick. Like 9/11. You people would know that if you had a better imagination, more intellectual capacity, lacked your crazy emotions that distort logic.. well it's pretty much never going to happen for normal people. How sad that their children are the only ones with minds that are still able to think for themselves. Worse that one day their children will suffer the same uniform control that their parents suffer. Funny that none of them know it.

Re: What makes the world aroudn you resonate?

The saddest part about a large portion of people is that they are born, spend 20+ years in being lied to only to spend 40ish years of their life making money for other people in a job they hate as they can't be creative only to get diapers again and eat with a straw untill they wither away in a hospital basement where they realize that they've accomplished nothing of meaning, clinging onto the same lies they were fed when they were 12. The only people that come to visit them are the nurses checking if they can wheel you to the morgue, and that is if you're lucky. Yes, let's respect life as it's unique and woderful? Yeah, no. Our species is stagnating, craetive thinking is scorned and intelligent people are "weird". Ugh, just... ugh.

I had a conversation with my mother the other day and she herself came to the conclusion that she has done nothing with her life, other than to spawn me and my brothers which isn't really a feat considering there are about 7 billion of us.