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Re: sociopath challenge-and difference between N's + S?

You clearly have my confused with some other poster so i don't really know what is pointed at me, or where the confusion comes from.

This will sound like a cliche but it's true, other people mean nothing to us. If my whole family died my first thought would be "cool, money" followed by "oh great, now i have to preted to others that i give a ****". I've lost people that i've known very well, and some that i consider "close" and it honestly didn't affect me in any way. I was 8 when my grandmother died and i was often there and my first thought was "nice, now i don't have to go to the hospital anymore", after the funeral it dawned to me that i was different, just didn't understand how.

I visit this site to discuss things objectively and conscious free. It's hard to discuss things like psychology and violence without people getting all emotional. I've been interested in psychology for as long as i udnerstood the concept i think. I've said before that i enjoy learning things that interest me for the sake of learning, even if there is no real value in it. History is a good example of such a subject.

Addiction... hmmm i wouldn't go as far to say as being addicted to anything but sociopaths require stimulation alot more than normals, otherwise they get bored so what might seem like an addiction is just "killing the time".

As a side note. We aren't that interesting, just different. Like a black and white movie.

Re: sociopath challenge-and difference between N's + S?

Another thing that just came to my mind. I don't fantasize about violence in a way that you understand it. I don't get excited about it in a way that would constitute as fantasizing. I think about new ways to inflict pain and ways to mess with people but there is no pleasure in it, simply thinking about it casually like you would think about a math problem.

Re: sociopath challenge-and difference between N's + S?

I take comfort in your thoughts. I don't believe people understand that if you lack the emotional fuel you lack true concern.

You must find a way to relay this message to them as you articulate your words in a manner to which they better comprehend.

OR.. they could all watch George Carlin. I share almost all of George Carlin's views.