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Anyone from Austin, TX?

My name is Jake. I'm a guy from Austin, Tx.

I was playing disc golf at a course one night talking to some dude when when his friend sits down between us begins the conversation with "What are we talking about?"

I was high at the time, and he begins talking quickly. He's talking in a lot of *detail* with figures and facts, but they all seem to be taken out of the air. I can't really put my finger on it because he's talking so quickly, when I ask him questions he dodges it with a sidetrack and goes into more detail on the sidetrack. I'm high at the time so I can't really keep up, but the whole time I can feel that all the talking is secondary. It's like a tool he's using to fill time, and his main reason for talking to me is dominance. He's using hand gestures and word inflections to put me down, but not blatantly. At the end of it I felt kind of bad because I could tell, but I was pretty impressed at how well he 'wielded' his weapons.

After we were done I said "Hey man there's something about you that makes you unique." At this point he goes "uh-oh" and I was like (what?) in my head... don't know why he would say uh oh to that. Anyway I say "I can usually place people pretty quickly but you I have a hard time with." Anyway after thinking on it for a while I thought maybe he could have been a sociopath, only because he seemed 'disconnected' from the conversation. He wasn't trying to communicate with me, he was using the words as a tool. He would say stuff like 'it truly is a beautiful thing', but in a cheezy sort of way, like he was trying to hard. I chuckled at it, and he seemed offended.

Anyway I just sort of thought it was an awesome experience. I'd like to meet a real sociopath if there's any in austin please reply.


Re: Anyone from Austin, TX?

He wasn't a sociopath/psychopath. So put your c ock away and continue wasting your life you miserable f uck.

Re: Anyone from Austin, TX?

I said that? Wow.

Re: Anyone from Austin, TX?

Yes.... I think you have to admit that was just a little bit idiotic. Were you feeling well when you posted that?

Re: Anyone from Austin, TX?

Yeah, it was. No.

Re: Anyone from Austin, TX?

*nod, nod* Thought not. Oh well. That's life.