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Re: sociopath challenge-and difference between N's + S?

I'll give my silly thoughts on the matter.

first off- who here thinks that narcissism and sociopathy is part of a sliding scale? or are they two different disorders with some similar traits?

Different things with similiar traits, or maybe i just have a disdain for narcs as i find the grandiose self-importance idiotic as i find it pointless.


It seems like this subject is unbelievably disorganized and incoherent- I mean depending on who you talk to you get a radically different answer! (this is why we need labels! but not to keep people in a box and get stuck either- more just to sort it out so we can figure how to treat or if to treat)

There is no treatment for my kind, we aren't broken, just different. I don't think there is anything wrong with me.


I mean even the supposed narcissist Sam Vaknin turned out to be a psychopath to his surprise..( or then again maybe not)
which is strange to me also because he comes off as a full on narcissist.
anyway any thoughts on the difference? how the hell are we supposed to identify?

Not familiar with the case as i don't really care about "famous" people.


my experience would say that a narcissist is extremely grandiose, that everything is about attention, whereas the sociopath doesn't care as much about flaunting, although they will ( only in one sentence... not paragraphs lol) and are more utilitarian- want sex, money, more than say fame, adoration. then again that would make vaknin a narcissist, not psychopath.

Indeed, i get what i want and don't care beyond that nor do i particuraly care what others think about me. I do what i feel like doing, read what i feel like reading and that's that.


are narcissist capable of sadism? like punnishment and control/domination at all costs? or is this more of a sociopathic feature- namely the aggressive sociopath? are there even varying types of socios do you think?

Ofcourse there is, otherwise every sociopath would be out there murdering people, no? I admit i get violent impulses and thoughts but i recognize them and keep them in check for the most part. There has been times when i've hurt people in a bout of pure, animalistic rage but for the most part, i don't go out and hunt people to kill for sport. Sometimes you just snap. I personally think narcs are just cowards, insecure, fragile and petty.


also why do they pick on animals or overly- guilt ridden - nurturing women- both are what the sociopath will readily call weak- so why not go after the strong instead? why not mess with other sociopaths if they think only their kind are so strong? are they scared?
to me that would be the ultimate challenge no?

That, to me atleast, seems stupid. Where did you get this information? I've picked apart criminals and schitzos alike. I prefer mental pain though, as physical one leaves marks and will get you in trouble. At the moment i'm playing with my own brother and he could beat me to a pulp if he so chooses.


and do they ever wonder about love? are they angry that they can't feel it, or feel anything- so they act out? do they feel any real moods at all? is the bitterness andd anger biological or is that a family influence?
anyone care to take a stab at this?

No. Love is meaningless to me beyond being a tool. When i was younger i thought i knew what love is but it was just infatuation, physical attraction and nothing more. I do feel things, i think, but not the way a normal would. More like an echo of emotion. Moods... hmm i'm pretty much always what you would call apathetic or neutral. I don't get excited or depressed. Also, what bitterness and anger? I'm not bitter about anything in my life, nor agry. Lasting anger, hate or resentment is a waste of time. If someone gets on my nerves i remove the annoyance, one way or another or make them regret getting on my face if i'm in the mood.

Re: sociopath challenge-and difference between N's + S?

thanks for the explanations...
funny i would have pegged you as narcissitic in your post- one where you bragged about loving this girl, other 5 puppets you wanted to drop etc...
and this one you sound very much like Spok, and that is my term for sociopathic lol! anyway, i guess there is a reasonable amount of grandiosity with your kind also, you just don't bother putting on a childish display (as much)..
and I do agree - I think you are just a different type of person. born not made, but can be influenced nonetheless obviously by family and environment like anyone to a point..

I don't get howcome you can't project - that this person across from you is just another you- and that you wouldn;t want to feel pain so why would you want to inflict in on someone for fun? why do you have these violent fantasies so to speak? is it that you can but choose not to?
when you say you love this girl- i take it you were joking, really you just want to dominate, own her like a doll, have sex with her, use her for money,and eventually mess her up bad so bad she winds up in the loony bin right? i mean you know that can happen..
just wondering how would you feel if she killed herself, or what would you tell yourself if that happened- and it was due to your mental abuse? that she deserved it for falling for you? just another day at the office kina thing?
can you feel fleeting senses of empathy or guilt?

also what do you get out of visiting this site? is this just to give you a better understanding of psych so you can play the game better so to speak? (just curious to see if the cliche rings true)

AND- can sociopaths enjoy learning- say in order to grow as a person? or is knowledge generally not valued unless it is utilitarian, like a means to an end.
lastly- a few i know were seemingly addicted to tv, or videogames, any clue why?

thankyou again for giving me a window into your world, quite interesting..

Re: sociopath challenge-and difference between N's + S?

You clearly have my confused with some other poster so i don't really know what is pointed at me, or where the confusion comes from.

This will sound like a cliche but it's true, other people mean nothing to us. If my whole family died my first thought would be "cool, money" followed by "oh great, now i have to preted to others that i give a ****". I've lost people that i've known very well, and some that i consider "close" and it honestly didn't affect me in any way. I was 8 when my grandmother died and i was often there and my first thought was "nice, now i don't have to go to the hospital anymore", after the funeral it dawned to me that i was different, just didn't understand how.

I visit this site to discuss things objectively and conscious free. It's hard to discuss things like psychology and violence without people getting all emotional. I've been interested in psychology for as long as i udnerstood the concept i think. I've said before that i enjoy learning things that interest me for the sake of learning, even if there is no real value in it. History is a good example of such a subject.

Addiction... hmmm i wouldn't go as far to say as being addicted to anything but sociopaths require stimulation alot more than normals, otherwise they get bored so what might seem like an addiction is just "killing the time".

As a side note. We aren't that interesting, just different. Like a black and white movie.

Re: sociopath challenge-and difference between N's + S?

Another thing that just came to my mind. I don't fantasize about violence in a way that you understand it. I don't get excited about it in a way that would constitute as fantasizing. I think about new ways to inflict pain and ways to mess with people but there is no pleasure in it, simply thinking about it casually like you would think about a math problem.

Re: sociopath challenge-and difference between N's + S?

I take comfort in your thoughts. I don't believe people understand that if you lack the emotional fuel you lack true concern.

You must find a way to relay this message to them as you articulate your words in a manner to which they better comprehend.

OR.. they could all watch George Carlin. I share almost all of George Carlin's views.