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Re: Are psychopaths and sociopaths inevitably narcissistic?

I never heard of this idea that the sociopathic brain is structured like the unconscious brain= would love to reaad up on this, could you direct me to a good article, research or book? thanks.

as for labels- obviously the labels are just labeling a group of symptoms, and they don't just do that with psychopaths either...
but we OBVIOUSLY need them- because that is what we want to treat is the symptoms, how they got that way isn't necessarily so important...

when i was depressed i could give you a thousand reasons why, maybe it was the reasons, maybe not, but I was suffering and so medication alleviated my symptoms so I could go on and lead a productive life.

besides it is very naive to think we don't use labels on a daily basis. if you don't then you must be the most PC sociopath on the planet lol!
labels are fine, we have been classifying things, plants and people, etc.. since humans could think! black, white, blue green- labels, how would you paint your house without the right label??
the idea I think is simply not to judge someone based on a label- as I agree with what the doctor said about how we just arise as we arise, so judging doesn't serve any purpose, but solving the problem in the case of personality disorders is the purpose.

treatment is label specific, but even then a good doctor should not get caught up in the label, must think outside the box so to speak...