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Thanks to the help of a very kind Cajun amigo, the Dr. Robert Forum is back, better than ever, at:

I look forward to seeing you all there.

Be well,

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Why I am on Team Robert

I have a poster of Dr. Robert, stud magnet, hanging on my ceiling above my bed. I have also erected a shrine in his honor. I light the candle in front of the small bust of his likeness on the shrine every day as a way of paying homage to him, my beloved, my precious.

Ok, all kidding aside, I can appreciate the intelligence and the insight that Dr. Robert has shown on his website and his generosity in hosting in this forum. He also provided me with an intelligent conversation a while back. As we all know, that can be hard to find on the internet.

Cheers Dr. Robert! Live long and prosper!

Re: Why I am on Team Robert

Thanks, Daniel. I enjoyed our dialog also, and also your take on "Why I Love Dr. Robert." Hopefully Team Robert will compete in the next World Cup.

Be well,

Re: Why I am on Team Robert

I don't know if I LOVE doctor robert,but I love what he wrote to Brodyn in the thread about does dr. robert make sense?

You go, doc!

Re: Why I Love Doctor Robert

Dr. Robert relieved me of many years of guilt over some early sexual experiences which were kinky and strange. He wrote back to me privately and personally and his words cleared my mind in a way that several tries at therapy had not been able to do. I love Doctor Robert because he gives help to everyone who needs it.