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Do I have OCD?

Hello everyone

When I started to think about it, I do have these weird obsessions... they're not very serious, I've heard that you have to do your obsessions for hours until you can be diagnosed with serious OCD.
The thing is, sometimes I want everything to be perfect... such as placing the mouse on some "even" spot on the screen when watching a video online or reading text. Sometimes, and I mean sometimes, I get the idea _everything_ needs to be perfect. This comes in short waves, however. I also REALLY don't like disorder.
I also drift out very often, even if I'm reading something interesting.
Oh, and one more thing... I can't for the life of me LEARN to concentrate and remember what I'm reading... it just happens. It's as if I've forgotten how to concentrate and remember what I read, watch, hear etc.

Diagnose me please!


Re: Do I have OCD?

yes you have ocd. comes in many different forms i had it myself.
things that work would be medications, therapy , meditation.