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do i have a problem?

i dont know if im being paranoid, or if theres actually something wrong with me. so maybe you can help.
i've been having these sort of panic attacks/tantrums since i was a kid (im 16 now) and whenever one of these episodes happens its as if i cant control anything i do, and im worried it'll affect my life in the long run.
also, i've often had homicidal thoughts. the idea of killing someone doesnt get me off or anything, but it does exite me.(im not sure if that parts diffrent for guys and girls, so it might be because im a girl. but i have no knowledge on the subject, so i couldnt say.) i wont go into details, mostly because just thinking about it makes me feel like a total freak.
i have an awful temper, and in a way this relates to my homicidal thoughts, because sometimes i'll get intensly angry at someone for some stupid reason, and then i'll imagine killing them, and it helps the anger go away.
lastly, its very clear to me that i think diffrently from other people my age. (although theres a chance its just my personality, i really feel abnormal sometimes.) other girls my age are obsessed with things that i find stupid and pointless, i dont relate to them at all. in fact, i dont relate to anyone really.

having finished writing this, i can safely say that i'm not being paranoid after all. any help is appreciated.