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Re: Can a person become intelligent?

But that's just it. They don't think critically and objectively about the information presented to them. Also, it's not that it damages our atmosphere, but rather that it binds more heat into it and that is the basis of the whole thing, which is a stupid argument to make. It's been hotter and colder on the planet than in our idustrial period and it seems like it's cooling again. There is no factual basis for the argument, no evidence to prove correlation. It's an assumption based on a hypothesis based on a theory. That's not science, that's having an agenda.

Re: Can a person become intelligent?

What i was trying to point out in my earlier post was that most people lack the important phase of new information being processed, the critical evaluation. Being too busy is ******** excuse for being ignorant. We have minds, start using them instead of being "too busy".