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Re: Can a person become intelligent?

But the fact that someone questions, say, global warming like in your example, may stem from previous experience or teachings.

If two people, the other one has been robbed and threatened five times in his life, and the other has never had any reason to distrust people and has never come to harm, were given a hoax call, which one would be more likely to get fooled?

Thank you for your post, I appreciate your views very much.

That depends on the hoaxer, how well he knows the one being hoaxed and what is the topic of the hoax. I'm not sure on the English terms of maths as English is not my native language but i hope i understood the question. You get it by substracting the middle part from the overall size of the thingy. Giving the exact numbers would take effort though and while i could calculate it, it would be silly not to use a calculator.

I believe it would be something like (37x37x3.14) - (33x33x3.14). It's been nearly 10 years since i've done any actual maths though hehe.

Re: Can a person become intelligent?

I guess what i've been trying to point out is that you can expand your knowledge and understanding to gain a more enlightened perspective and understanding of the world around you. If you take that as intelligence then yes, you can become more intelligent BUT every person has s limit to their ability to comprehend concepts. Not machinery, situational awereness or inanimate systems but concepts, ideas and, like i mentioned earlier, the whys, ifs and what thens of concepts and ideas. As an example, some people just cannot comprehend how studying history will enable you to predict the future. Some cannot comprehend why events across the world could ever affect them. Most people just don't have the brain capacity to automatically associate cause and effect of 2 seeminly unrelated concepts. You cannot train your mind to make bridges over gaps that you didn't know existed.

EDIT: A perfect example is the madness of global climate change. The whole idea is riduclous to those that know history and understand the chaotic nature of our planet. Instead they simply do not care, and happily bend over to the talking head on TV that tells them how they are doomed unless they give them moeny to "save the planet". Funny, it used to be "give us money to save your community from hell!!". Guess that stuff don't fly so well no more. Every person that believes that we are having a catastrophic influence over our planet is an unintelligent ignorant dimwit.

----- I think most people without mental defects are able of comprehending concepts. It;s not that people can't comprehend world history or that climate change has happened before (though I think it is fair to saythat if we can measure the effects ofcarbon monoxide from cars and cfc's etc and draw the conclusion they do damage the ozone etc, then it IS fair to conclude that it may be that climate change is happening and we are helping it along, acerbating it...)

Anyway it's not that the genral public aren't able to comprehend, they are just ignorant, they haven't sat down with all the possible data, findings, research and info and had the time to come up witha conclusion or a better understandign of the concepts as they are too busy with work, familly and other stuff.

Re: Can a person become intelligent?

But that's just it. They don't think critically and objectively about the information presented to them. Also, it's not that it damages our atmosphere, but rather that it binds more heat into it and that is the basis of the whole thing, which is a stupid argument to make. It's been hotter and colder on the planet than in our idustrial period and it seems like it's cooling again. There is no factual basis for the argument, no evidence to prove correlation. It's an assumption based on a hypothesis based on a theory. That's not science, that's having an agenda.

Re: Can a person become intelligent?

What i was trying to point out in my earlier post was that most people lack the important phase of new information being processed, the critical evaluation. Being too busy is ******** excuse for being ignorant. We have minds, start using them instead of being "too busy".