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Re: Free Will

You seem to have set up a false dichotomy here. Dr. Robert never said that this issue turned on an either/or between "I control everything," or "I am controlled by everything." His point was simply that most human beings imagine much more free will than we really have since our personalities which do the imagined "choosing" are formed not by choice but by accident of birth, cultural surround, etc. In other words, my likes and dislikes were never chosen by me, and so when I "choose" something I like or reject something I dislike, I have not chosen at all, but simply reacted according to pre-existing tendencies which came to me as if fated. The doctor's point really has nothing to do with the logical argument you have set up, and so your logic, while it might be interesting to you, really does not speak to the matter as he stated it.

Re: Free Will


So my subconcious is deciding my life? Perhaps that is why I am able to resolve difficult problems after sleeping. I will have a complex issue I am thinking about but wont be exactly sure how to approach the problem. So I'll sleep on it and either during a dream or when I wake up.. I'll just know how to approach the problem and resolve it.

So the subconcious mind is the core of a person? I know the subconcious has a much greater capacity than the concious mind but I did not know it was the source of.. you.

All of this, on my end, is an assumption, ofcourse. I assume the subconcious must be providing the information to your concious mind.

It's interesting. Many times I have sat in the bathroom, as a child, just staring at myself asking the question "why am I doing.. what I am doing. What controls me. What made me do that." For hours I would do that. Try to mentally find the source of.. myself.

I don't understand why it concerns people so much that their concious mind is not the source of their.. self. I believe it is best that we do not control our own breathing or other bodily functions. So it makes sense, logically, that the concious mind would be a completely seperate partition from the concious brain. That they coexist under the authority of the subconcious.

I have a question, Dr. Robert. Does this mean that the subconcious mind is responsible for emotion as well or is emotion part of the concious minds reaction to the subconcious minds suggestion?