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Re: I miss myself. Help me please.

Hello Cassandra,

Thank you for your post. It really is comforting to know that there are still people out there willing to help people like me. All you said is very true.

Thank you once again,

Re: I miss myself. Help me please.

I really don't think going to a therapist would have as bad an effect on your familly as you think. You are keeping all these thoughts and feelings in your head and not expressing them, thus they become amplified and distorted, blown out of proportion. Loving, caring family members would most likely think 'I hope she gets better and if seeing a therapist helps that, then good for her' rather than wanting you to not see one and continue to suffer. You could also go see your regular clinician by yourself to discuss this matter and they could advise you, you don't have to go straight into seeing a therapist.