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dr robert is so blunt!

His latest answer to "how to end a therapy session" made me laugh. I've seen a psychotherapist before and he was similiar. Are all pyschs this liberal blunt and open?

Also Dr Robert, if you happen to read this i have a quick question having read your answer to the peadophile question:

If sexuality is genetic, what exactly is the body inherently atracted to in a particular sex? In other words, how would the mind inherently distinguish between a gender in the external world?

Considering that there is no "difinitive" man or woman, surely everyone is atracted in part to both genders. There are feminine men and masculine women etc.

Re: dr robert is so blunt! (CONCERNING SEXUALITY)

Concerning what you mentioned that sexuality is genetic... Some would particularly disagree with me, seeing as sexuality is becoming or has already become a defining part of identity in the West. Meaning, people connect their sexuality with their identities. To force a homosexual to deny his homosexuality would be for many in the West to deny their very sense of identity. I live in the West, so I am not trying to be racist. However, I seriously wonder whether genetics plays as big a role in sexuality as many argue it to be. After all, schizophrenia is largely genetic and heritable, but it is life experiences that ultimately trigger the schizophrenic symptoms in a person.

I am majoring in psychology, and one of the fields I am studying right now is cultural psychology. There has been a case study done on the Sambia of Papua New Guinea. This tribe is very unusual in that its men undergo a cycle of sexuality. As young boys, they perform oral intercourse with the older men, which is done due to belief that it is the only way to develop "manliness" mainly absorbed through semen. When the boys grow up as adults, they get married and become bisexual, having a relationship with their wives but giving semen to the boys of the tribe. When they have children, these adult men become strictly heterosexual and stop giving semen to boys. In other words, the Sambia menfolk experience a cycle of sexuality, first becoming homosexual, then bisexual, then heterosexual. However, for them this is simply a behavior, not a part of their identity. These are simply universal and natural stages of their male life.

This may be a drastic example. However, this raises the importance of culture in shaping our beliefs and practices, and draws into question exactly how strong biological factors affect individuals and their actions. Maybe we give the biological roots of sexuality too much credit than its worth.

Re: dr robert is so blunt! (CONCERNING SEXUALITY)

I think so too.