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Empathise less with women?

Is it normal for a male to find it harder to empathise with females than with males?

I'm 20 and a male... and often my heart goes out to boys or men. However with women it takes more for me to feel what they must be feeling. Is this normal?

I think that i see women as being more capable and mature than men... and so i have less "sympathy" for them because I automatically assume that they are aware of their situation and will be able to handle it. With men/boys however i often feel like they're ignorant or hopeless and so are more in danger of being hurt.

Perhaps it has to do with my mother and father? Mom being grounded and able and Dad being more unstable?

Re: Empathise less with women?

Hi James.

Is it normal for a male to find it harder to empathise with females than with males?

First of all, don't worry about being normal. Be yourself instead. You'll be a lot happier that way, believe me.

Second, most men don't get their women. Welcome to club. I know that's a rather sweeping generalization, but I think it holds up.

Last, I think you are fine. If you were not capable of empathizing with women you wouldn't have asked the question here to begin with. When the time comes, I suspect you will be able to empathize with the women you love (romantic or otherwise) just fine.