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Re: Can Someone Become a Psychopath?

I don't think we live on Vulcan.

If an infant will die without an emotional connection after birth. Than it is reasonable to assume that a child of specific personality type, subjected to emotional deprived enviornments... would never make the connections with others as they were not raised with them? Like home schooled kids. A lot of them become very antisocial and when they truely blend with society... they have terrible conflicts and fights as their social norms are not acceptible with "the herd".

It is unfortunate that I completely qualify as a psychopath. Both with the DSM and the lack of concern. But that protects me. All my personality traits were developed in defense of my ego. To allow myself to be like you would make me commit suicide. It's bad enough I haven't seen my daughter in over a year. Imagine if I suffered emotionally? I miss her because she is my child. The instinct to protect your own is not emotional. It's an instinct!!! God made me a psychopath. It's the only way I would have survived this so called humanity.

I think the writer was young and confused. The end? The brain develops slower for guts than girls emotionally.. does it not? Thats why teenage girls are crazy. I think guys stay crazy till around 24 or forever.

I just convince myself that I was normal and post traumatic stress made me this way. No more emotional capacity to really give a crap about anything except myself. That seems fair to a person who was raised by a world that beat him. So what if the rest of you get to reap the rewards produced by your own failures.

It seems only fair. Besides it's funny when people get mad. They think I care what they think but who are they to me? Bunch of stupid sheep with herd mentality. Not one of them have true individuality. They can't even fight on their own.

Can you taste it? I bet those words are powerful. But to me it's just a game. Those words are shallow. I don't know any of these people. How couldi truely hate them? This persona is getting old. But it's what the people want the most. They want you to be their enemy. They want to hate. Youdrop your guard around them long enough and they will knife you.

I believe it is very possible to condition people into antisocial psychopaths. Evidence of advancements in civilization have proven this. Look at Japan. Majority of them are desynsetized. These MMOs help people develop individuality as well.

Give a person more indiviuality. More of an objective look. Then subject this person to different levels of violence and hostility. Certain minds will take to it while others completely breakdown. Those minds that are properly conditioned can be refined into fine tuned killers.

Then transfer that individual to special ops for the CIA. The minds that failed... send them home.

The military creates psychopaths as a profession. Or rather draws them into service. But I do believe that if you raised a person from the age if 9 and conditioned them properly... there's a good chance you could create a person who could kill without remorse.

You'd have to use a person of high mental capacity. You could even use selective breeding to enhance your chance. For instance.. find psychopaths and breed them with certain women. Namely really hot girls. Oh yeah!!! LOL sorry lost interest.


Re: Can Someone Become a Psychopath?


I for one thought Dr. Robert did a fine job answering the kid’s question. I especially liked the phrase “premature cognitive commitment”. I don’t think I’ve ever run across it before. If you think about it, isn’t that source of almost all adult neuroses?

The good doctor was right to point out that if you can actually remember what empathy feels like then chances are good that you are closer to the average range of personality characteristics than not. I would however point out a possible distinction that is often missed when it comes to understanding empathy and the presence or absence of conscience. I am able to imagine myself in someone else’s shoes. I can do so vividly sometimes. That’s one of the things I realized the first time I took an acting class some years ago. It was a lot of fun. I could make myself feel emotions that I normally don’t. Once the acting exercise was over, so were the emotions. The character I was playing and the feelings I was able to generate within the context of a dramatic scene had no bearing on my normal emotional range. Being able to imagine myself in someone else’s predicament has no effect on the rest of my inner experience and certainly doesn't leave anything resembling a conscience in its wake. Consequently, there is no effect on my behavior either. Unless, of course, I choose to alter my actions for my own purposes. Otherwise, someone else’s suffering has no automatic or instinctive impact on me. I literally feel nothing when I look at pictures of war victims for example. Now, if it were a play I was in and I was supposed to play a war victim, I could imagine what that might feel like and “play the verb”, so to speak, with great affect. Beyond that, I don’t give a d~mn. And unlike the 18 year old, I can’t remember a time when I did.

Anyway, excellent response Doc!

Re: Can Someone Become a Psychopath?

Thanks to both of you for replying. I particularly found your answer interesting, Daniel, especially the distinction you made between empathy and conscience.

I loved the doctor's reply to the boy, but I have to admit that I am a big Dr. Robert fan. His intelligence and way of explaining things is rare

p.s. He isn't "blunt," just honest and straightforward.