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Re: Interigation (collaberative thoughts?)

im DOESNT thinks that people does survives real torture that only DOES happens in movies. im DOES also thinks that maybe shouldnt use nuclear BOMBS or even go to WAR at all because both is wrong.

why you DOES wnats to learn how to tortures people? torture isnt GOOD for enyone and im doesnt thinks enyone DESERVES it. emotional torture does can be calling names i think and you doesnt likes WHEN people calls you names. that does be BAD and im DOESNt thinks it does do enything GOOD even if you does thinks that person does be BAD.

im does thinking that maybe better searches for how make people HAPPY and not SAD.

Re: Interigation (collaberative thoughts?)

My reasoning was a little different.

To understand how different tortures are applied over a duration of time and how that can affect people... Well if you reverse engineer it you understand their methods and reasoning.


Why was I tortured as a child by my presumed father.

Answer: It was my stepfathers retaliation against my mother for cheating on and initiating a divorce.

When your life is built completely on lies.. finding the truth makes you free.