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Re: Is empathy applied rationally rather than instinctively?

Because i'm the boogieman that destroys everything in his path. Rapes women, pillages small villages and drinks blood from the skulls of my fallen enemies. Oh, and kidnaps and tortures children. And you DARE to wonder why i'm so arrogant? Your whole perception of the world is filled with fairytales and idle fantasies of love and happiness. Where the champions of justice protect you from the evil terrorists. Seriously, you disgust me, yes you, the "average person". It's like watching a child stick his hand into a bee hive and then cry when he gets stung, utter idiocracy is where we are headed.

This isn't directed at anyone specific, i just felt like ranting. Oh and to whoever flaunted his superiority by saying self-identified psychopaths is asinine. I didn't come here to declare my psychopathy nor did i flaunt it. I never even mention it untill asked, it's a personality disorder not a "I'm cooler on the internets than you" medal. I try to explain my point of view and thoughts, sorry if they show blatant disregard for humans and feelings, it's my view as they mean nothing to me.

Re: Is empathy applied rationally rather than instinctively?

that fails just taunt her. Smile and tell her you're glad she doesn't realize how sexy she really is. You like her that way. That she need not worry about her insecurities around you.

That, although having the best intentions, would be a lie.
If someone asks me a question, I wont lie. "White lies" I don't really like. If someone asks you if they look fat in something, let them know if you think they do nicely, otherwise they'll just later embarass themselves when they look in the mirror and look like a horse.

An would I want you all to become fearless?!

Fearless? Search megavideo for "Psychopath Fears" and you should find the video. There is a recorded video of professionaly diagnosed psychopaths and their petty phobias and they talk about their fears of life.

Re: Is empathy applied rationally rather than instinctively?

im does THINKING you has wiseness in words. i think too that maybe it does has something to do with that. its like when God did CREATED good and evil in all sometimes you doesnt sees the good but only bad because you does has some REASON that does blinds you from see the GOOD.

yours comparisation to WAR is very good i thinks because that DOES be true and also PROBABLY sociopath can does be in SAME SITUATION. that DOES proves that what i DOES thinking that sociopaths doesnt really EXISTS they just doesnt KNOWS they does FEELS things.