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Re: Interigation (collaberative thoughts?)

what do you mean by emotional torture?
are you meaning to run along the lines of sensory deprivation, which has been used as an interrogation method for a long time, although i question its value as people have a tendency to hallucinate in these conditions.
or, do you slowly stripping someone down in there day to day life, that is much more complicated and your right it will be different for each person in each situation, but grouping people into "personality types" would not be nearly as effective as catering specifically for each individual, finding weaknesses and exploiting then i don't think is something you can teach, it comes naturally, it takes a quick and lets face it, superior, mind to achieve such tasks.

good luck in your research.


Re: Interigation (collaberative thoughts?)

I agree that finding specific weaknesses and exploiting them is probably the most affective means to apply torture.

Hexi really surprised me with his lack of loyalty. His desire to live supercedes all other priorities in his life. Thats probably because be doesn't believe in a God? Therefore dead death as a claimed aithiest would?

Some personality types seem immune to torture. But the moment you grab their wife or kid... they'll tell you anything you want to know. This is especially affective if they cannot see your interaction with their loved one. You can literally take their loved one out of their sight and they instantly start freaking out. Willing to tell you everything... if you let their family go.

Interesting. It's the same tactic Saddam used to gain favor with the ****es and his Sunni people. Terrorists are willing to commit suicide to kill you but the loss of their loved ones is too much to bare. So technically the best way to fight a terrorist is to let them know that if they attack you... you will kill their family.

Example: a terrorist commits a suicide bombing against Americans. In return the US blows up and kills everyone from his villiage. Everything he has fought for and loves is dead. But more importantly... the other terrorists from other factions realize that the US will commit genocide against everyone they love if they attack the US.

It's the theory from Swordfish. Hit your enemy with retaliation so severe that even the thought of attacking the US would give them nightmares. The most affective way to neutralize a warrior culture that are willing to die for their whatever... is to nuke them. Tale away any chance or hope of victory.

The Japanese are a warrior culture ready to die for what they believe in. Probably a close mentality of Afghans. But once the Japanese faced genocide they realized it was over and surrendered. Therefore the best course of action in Afghanistan is a tactical nuclear strike against major population sources found to spawn territisum.

Those who lose everything will continue to fight but those who haven't... and could watch their family and home village of however many years get destroyed... those people will seek peace.

After 911 the world was afraid of the US response. They feared our nuclear fire as we have used it before. I believe the US image has grown soft over the years and a demonstration of our power would bring about a better peace. People are more likely to listen to you if failed negotiations result in the death of everyone they love.

I acknowledge that it sounds inhumane but in actual application.. a nuclear strike would save many more lives than it would take. It's actually more humane to nuke a few thousand people than suffer a decade long war which causes the suffering of millions. The Greek Goddess (The Virgin Mother) Athena would agree as her philosophy was that it is better to have conflict than to allow issues to persist. Don't insult Athena either. Thats where the Virgin Mary concept was spawned... from Athena. Who happens to be 4000 years older than the Bible.

Another sidenote. Isn't it time we updated the stories in the Bible to reflect a more reasonable chain of events? Greek mythology updated it's stories to stay with the times. IMO thats why the Bible is unbelievable to most people. The stories are too unbelievable. Example is the Jews running from Egyptians and the sea parted. You sure it just wasn't a season of unordinary low tide and the Jews just walked through? That makes more sense. Then a few days later as the Egyptians tried the same voyage.. the water started coming back in.. and it started raining real hard. Thena **** broke and flooded the area with water again... or some crap. Thats more believable than sons old drunk holding a stick in the air and the oceans parting. Sounds like a dramatic lie or more likely an extrodinary exageration of the truth. Cause thats what storytellers do. They exagerate events to make them seem more dramatic and interesting.


Re: Interigation (collaberative thoughts?)

im DOESNT thinks that people does survives real torture that only DOES happens in movies. im DOES also thinks that maybe shouldnt use nuclear BOMBS or even go to WAR at all because both is wrong.

why you DOES wnats to learn how to tortures people? torture isnt GOOD for enyone and im doesnt thinks enyone DESERVES it. emotional torture does can be calling names i think and you doesnt likes WHEN people calls you names. that does be BAD and im DOESNt thinks it does do enything GOOD even if you does thinks that person does be BAD.

im does thinking that maybe better searches for how make people HAPPY and not SAD.

Re: Interigation (collaberative thoughts?)

My reasoning was a little different.

To understand how different tortures are applied over a duration of time and how that can affect people... Well if you reverse engineer it you understand their methods and reasoning.


Why was I tortured as a child by my presumed father.

Answer: It was my stepfathers retaliation against my mother for cheating on and initiating a divorce.

When your life is built completely on lies.. finding the truth makes you free.