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Re: narcissist

That depends if the narcissist wants to change. If they don't, however, they never will. Narcissist only love themselves and everyone else is there for the sole purpose of feeding their ego.

Re: narcissist

Well Narcs care what you think. Thats why they are so domineering. They want to control you like an animal. To have you look at them in a certain way. Your life will end up caged and supressed... as he tries to assert himself as dominate male in your world and in your social circles.

My mothers husband is one. He tries as hard as he can to push my brother and I out of our mothers life. Which makes my mother miserable because she loves her children. He literally tries to compete for our love with mymother. He doesn't understand how a mothers love for her children is different than the love you have for a spouse. He feels we will steal her from him... as we hate him.

His existance is shallow. He is king of nothing. Yet he tries so hard to be cruel. It's sad really. I assume he has lived a supressed life. As if he always held back as a child and now as an adult... he has the mentality of a highschool boy. He fights and argues like a child. But that us just to me. To my brother he is aggresive and domineering. He can't be that way with me. He fears me. He knows I won't play his games. He knows I'll just hurt him again. Thats why he attacks my mother and brother.

He needs to know he has at least some power. Seems desperate to me. A rather sad existance. Where as someone like me has their ego fueled from within. The Narcs need to gain their egos fuel from domination over others.

Really I just think they're a bunch of cowards who grew up wishing they were strong, watched the karate kid, and... just lost it? Maybe a midlife crisis to finally be the man he never was? Whatever it is... their egos are an illusion and if you don't support that illusion... they can become violent or agressive in an attempt to domineer over you. Especially since you are a woman.

The only way to fix them... realisticly... is to beat the ever living crap out of them. Humiliate their ego. Crush it! Force them to acknowledge their true soft inner self. That they are not all tough and bad. The cure is pain. It washes away the false ego. It makes them acknowledge who they really are... and they have to come to terms with that.

Don't feed a Narcs ego. Believe it or not... if you are more aggresive towards a narc when you first meet them and you don't show weakness... they will be less likely to try and bother you. They only want to be around people they can demean.

I hate Narcs because they are Narcs. Just as a clepto will always steal... a narcs will always be a butthole to everyone around them.