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Re: Aggressive friend

My advice is not very good one. When I meet people like this, I turn on my psychopathic mode and scare the **** out of them. Do exactly the same thing that she does. And try to have fun with it. And yell. A lot. And say that you going to burn down the house and hit her with baseball bat. And say that you love messing with her. And don't show any guilt or pain. Go away and cry in private when she hurts you. She'll call you a psycho and will leave you alone. Give her favors, then yell at her 10 minutes later. And require insane demands. She might take a couple of months, but eventually, she'll run for her life. Just read a book on psychopaths and then act like one. Always works with abusers. And if she'll tell you that she is psychopath, tell her that you want a competition to see who is the worst one. :)) Oh, damage her reputation in public. The only problem is that you might lose yours in a process...