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Re: Difference between emotional maturity and psychopathy?

What is the difference between a buddhist-like state of calm awareness of suffering and tragedy and a psychopathic mind-set?

When a person is capable of obersving their emotions from a step backwards and deciding how to act based upon said emotions then are they not as "conscience-free" as a psychopath?

Is this the dilemma that the existentialist faces? The awareness that the "self" is not the same as emotion and so choice made by the "self" is always ultimately free.

Well having an objective/logical view of things is a sign of maturity. It seems far too often that people allow their amygdala to misguide them into rash behaviors. By not controling these emotions... they allow emotions to control them.

So if we all have our vices.. than everyone has different personality issues they need to control. Perhaps desires of the amygdala vary from person to person. Creating such desires as womanizing and cleptomania.

I've not noticed such personality disorders in psychopath. I believe a lot that is said is also misinterputed.

So maturity could be the control of such emotional desires or "temptations of the flesh". Perhaps the say that if your hands make you steal... chop them off... actually meant... if you have a tendancy to steal "clepto" then... cut your hands off. For it better to lose a part of the temple rather than the whole thing being destroyed as that one part of the temple brought down the rest.

So for most the message would be "cast out bad behaviors" and for a clepto it would be "cut your hands off" and for a petiphile it would be... "kill yourself".