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Re: Could i Be a psychopath?

Talking to you, it's like on big giant hug. :)

I gave you that Rubiks cube as I'd figured it out and wanted to see if you could get it.

quite frankly I hate him

I have no time to spend hating people, and anyway, I thought you didn't hate? Or did you make that acception just for me? :D

Tell me Wolf, what've you done creative or original?

I've said this so much it's annoying: You've never met me, seen me, really talked to me, and you can't judge someones personality, traits, thoughts or anything based on a few forum posts.

Your welcome to keep thinking I'm close minded, or live in a box, it just gives me something constructive to use to work on and better myself.

Re: Could i Be a psychopath?

Oh and toby, you are wrong about wolfie not taking others views into consideration. Maybe just not yours? :P

I havn't seen him take one persons view into consideration he whole time he's been here.

I take everyones into consideration, somewhat regrettably, even his. :)