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Re: Girls With Strings

Don't be a p_rick, now tell me your opinion.

Re: Girls With Strings

Give me their names and ssn's, I'll take them down for you.

Re: Girls With Strings

i read this for a laugh i thought you meant g-strings lol! and funny too cause my socio ex was dumb enough to TELL me to wear only that- of course i wore everything but...AND i told him he had to wear briefs under the pretty dress I bought him :)

i dont really get your dilemma other than that you want to make virtual strangers - and men at that- feel inferior to you? or to affirm your masculinity somehow- you gay maybe? think anyone reading cares really? if anything you sound like a mild amusement to any men reading your post...but i bet after awhile, more like an irritating rash?

so i am taking it you are a narcissist? if you say you are a socio then you must really think you have a dumb audience, or you really are just that dumb yourself. so dumb you think others are as dumb as you kind of thing.

so you actually think you can love?

since when do narcissists love? i mean how can you love - that would mean respecting someone, sharing, giving and recieving ( not just take take take) and of course empathizing no?

I wonder what the payoff is for you to brag online about your conquests ? is it to affirm to yourself that you are superior? which makes me wonder if you really are deeply insecure, once a nerd in highschool kind of thing?
what is your payoff to setteling with one girl? the rest a hassle?

believe me with my looks I could have men dripping from my wrist like bangles ( i would say diamonds, but most men are simply not that hot or worth my time, many - and women too kinda bore me!)
Unlike you, (which you obviously have a low bar for standards to find 6 women in your immediate area alone so hot)...I on the other hand, find it hard enough to like even one guy !!

one more thing, how would you feel if you found one or two killed herself?
I am just wondering as they might be "weaker" than you realize, and you never narcissist i went out with certainly did me in ( but i never would have allowed him to know just how bad) i was suicidal from the guilt I felt..felt I was abandoning him-
but really now, what do you care if they died? YOU had nothing to do with all her drama and issues anyway right?

how on earth do you think you are capable of love? does she cook and iron your clothes and look like a blow up doll? i mean she can't be too hot, too talented, too smart or too popular now right? otherwise she might steal the limelight! she a mail order bride? do tell!