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I dont know whats going on !!

Hello Dr Robert , Ive never done this before so im not quite sure how it works but here it goes..
Im 18 in 2 weeks and for the past month and a half Ive been really down , Not motivation to do anything including going out with my friends (which isnt usual for me ). My friends have noticed but none of them have asked whats wrong with me and im afraid if i tell them they'l think im weird. They all have boyfriends and I dont so they are constantly with them and I feel left out . Although I would never say this to them or anyone else . Im really sensitive I always have been, but its becoming more and more extreem , I cry nearly every night and I feel like no one understands me, I was bullied badly in the past and have never really dealt with it . I told my mom that i was feeling down and she said it could be depression but that she gets it on and off too , and to ignore it . I cant though, i cant concentrate on anything and I really feel like Im falling apart .
Your opinion would be much appreciated
Thanks so much :)

Re: I dont know whats going on !!

Talk to your school psychologist if your mom isn't taking steps to help you. Ignoring it is not going to solve it.