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Aggressive friend

I have an issue going on for two years now and I do not know how to deal with it.
My friend in University has major aggression issues. She will always confront the tiniest of problems with physical fights and insults. She will always think that other people are out there to insult her or offend her with their behaviour and is always negatively retaliating.She can be very, very scary and will always result to curse words and fights to make sure her point has come across to others.
She lets other things influence her mood and when in a bad mood, even the smallest of things, even a smile can set her off. She is very insulting when asking for favours around the house. For example, there was one time she woke me up from my sleep in the night time to ask me to clean the sink so she could brush her teeth because I had left some make up stains earlier.

She has this image of herself in her head that she's the smartest and most perfect person in the world and noone is allowed to question anything she says. However, she has not read one single book in the two years we are in University and still thinks she is the most knowledgable among all students. She cannot carry out a conversation because she never listens to what anyone else has to say, she's always right.

What could I do to deal with this? I am very reluctant to confront her because if I do point out anything, may God have mercy on my soul.
Whenever I bring up the courage to say ' no' to something she asks she will always find ways to get revenge, and plans her revenge for days and hours in her head.

Re: Aggressive friend

Just get rid of her? Not in a "kill her" kind of sense though, just tell her to **** off. She sounds like a narcissist, there is no helping people like that, specially the delusional and ignorant ones. Why do you tolerate that kind of behaviour in the first place?

Re: Aggressive friend

Because it's kind of i'm stuck in this situation.. We hang around the same group of people and I'll have to see her for almost every day for at least another year since we study the same thing. Also, we're living together at the moment and she can make one's life a living hell, the rest of the 4 people all moved out because of her. Everyone tells me the same thing, that I should say something but I don't know how to sit her down and tell her she's basically supressing me and I do not like her as much anymore, but as I said in my first post if I do may God have mercy on my soul who knows what will come out of her mouth or who knows if she'll get violent, as it would not be the first time she's tried to be violent with me too. .. Thank you for posting an answer though, I appreciate your thoughts and time =)

Re: Aggressive friend

My advice is not very good one. When I meet people like this, I turn on my psychopathic mode and scare the **** out of them. Do exactly the same thing that she does. And try to have fun with it. And yell. A lot. And say that you going to burn down the house and hit her with baseball bat. And say that you love messing with her. And don't show any guilt or pain. Go away and cry in private when she hurts you. She'll call you a psycho and will leave you alone. Give her favors, then yell at her 10 minutes later. And require insane demands. She might take a couple of months, but eventually, she'll run for her life. Just read a book on psychopaths and then act like one. Always works with abusers. And if she'll tell you that she is psychopath, tell her that you want a competition to see who is the worst one. :)) Oh, damage her reputation in public. The only problem is that you might lose yours in a process...