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Re: Understanding is forgiveness

Then I think it's logical to say that all judges should have a degree in psychology. So that they may better identify peoples intentions. Better understanding of the persons reasoning.

Sociopaths would make great judges too, those that would make the job their purpose so they would do it properly.

Re: Understanding is forgiveness

Exactly, and they wouldn't let there emotions get caught up in the legal process.

They would see things purely from a legal perspective.

Re: Understanding is forgiveness

Yes, but I can get the same objectivity from an antisocial mind. Also the antisocial mind will also consider the emotional states of the individuals with an objective stability.

Holding into account who is legally wrong and who or how many times each side was unethical in their treatment of the other could be the job of two different judges.

Instead of a single judge you could have a legal judge and an ethical judge. In which case a sociopath is ideal for logic and an antisocial person is ideal for ethical actions. That way my ex can sue me for cruel and unusual emotional detachment... or something funny.

Or a diverse panel of legal and psychological experts. Veteran police officers/lawyers/social workers and criminal psychologists/other psychogists and a religious representative of that persons faith.

...while we are reorganizing society... can we please bring back caining people? I've been cained. I've seen how affective it can be. Pain brings about fear and in those short moments people van learn what might take them months or years in jail/prison.

I'm just saying... jail isn't humane and if a person is so dangerous that we can fix them... Just send their butts to Australia. :-) But as for pure logic.. I give that to sociopaths hands down. I lived like one for 20 years.