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Understanding is forgiveness

I've been exposed to cleptomaniacs twice now in life. Each time it seems they take things because they want to possess the object. Not so much to sell but to have. As if having these things somehow helps them compensate.

I've met many drug addicts and other trashed personalities that steal to aquire money. I now comprehend the very difference between them and cleptos. Cleptos just do it because thats how they are programmed. I mean... they steal insignificant shining things simply because they are shiny.. Someone who is stealing to aquire is looking for items of value. A clepto will just grip a shiny little vase or little jewlery chest because they are neat.

In understanding that cleptos are always going to steal isn't anything. But to know why they are stealing... that it is just part of their genetic programming.. that helps me forgive them for their actions. I can accet them to behave in certain manners. So all you really need to do is avoid presenting them with such temptations.

If you understand why they are cleptos... if you understand the meaning of their intentions... it unlocks a certain forgiveness for everyone. The more personalities types you interact with can bring you one step closer to grasping the meaning of their actions.. They're not evil... thats just their programming.

Yet everyone has their own individuality regardless of their design. So you have individuality but... a natural way of doing things.

But your actions are not predetermined!!! The quote from the other thread is valid. If you can control your emotions enough to think logically you can achieve serinity. But if you give in to your emotions... you will forfill your natural programming. My superiority complex is also an antisocial way of removing myself from the possible ego damage others could have on me? My ego refuses to submit? Ego is emotional in that manner?

Answers that only unlock doors with more doors behind them. Where is my master key. -.-


Re: Understanding is forgiveness

Good post, Wolf. I agree, the more we understand about ourselves and others, the more accepting we become. For many people, particularly intelligent and logical types, this becomes a root source of compassion.

By the way, I really appreciate the civility of recent posts by you, Hexi, ror666, Toby, and others who have helped to shift the entire tone of this forum in a new and in my opinion far more clear-headed direction.

Be well.


Re: Understanding is forgiveness

Then I think it's logical to say that all judges should have a degree in psychology. So that they may better identify peoples intentions. Better understanding of the persons reasoning.


Re: Understanding is forgiveness

Then I think it's logical to say that all judges should have a degree in psychology. So that they may better identify peoples intentions. Better understanding of the persons reasoning.

Sociopaths would make great judges too, those that would make the job their purpose so they would do it properly.

Re: Understanding is forgiveness

Exactly, and they wouldn't let there emotions get caught up in the legal process.

They would see things purely from a legal perspective.

Re: Understanding is forgiveness

Yes, but I can get the same objectivity from an antisocial mind. Also the antisocial mind will also consider the emotional states of the individuals with an objective stability.

Holding into account who is legally wrong and who or how many times each side was unethical in their treatment of the other could be the job of two different judges.

Instead of a single judge you could have a legal judge and an ethical judge. In which case a sociopath is ideal for logic and an antisocial person is ideal for ethical actions. That way my ex can sue me for cruel and unusual emotional detachment... or something funny.

Or a diverse panel of legal and psychological experts. Veteran police officers/lawyers/social workers and criminal psychologists/other psychogists and a religious representative of that persons faith.

...while we are reorganizing society... can we please bring back caining people? I've been cained. I've seen how affective it can be. Pain brings about fear and in those short moments people van learn what might take them months or years in jail/prison.

I'm just saying... jail isn't humane and if a person is so dangerous that we can fix them... Just send their butts to Australia. :-) But as for pure logic.. I give that to sociopaths hands down. I lived like one for 20 years.