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Re: Do you trust your memories?

Chase dreams are quite common and often reflect a situation that you are afraid in confronting. The bear is symbolic of introspection and self-reflection. In mythology, it also refers to the great mother figure.

The green fields indicates your hopes and your unlimited potential for growth.

I found this.. interesting...

What kind of a retard would associate a bear in a field to being gay? Seriously...

:D My thoughts entirely!

Re: Do you trust your memories?

So your dream means that you need to grow as a person by letting your fears go? That's great advice for anyone! You don't need a dream to come to that conclusion, which makes it an empty platitude to spout to naive people who will shell out money for such sage advice. *snort*

Here is my interpetation. You're afraid that a hairy rugby player will manhandle you. Now, give money!

Re: Do you trust your memories?

You're afraid that a hairy rugby player will manhandle you.

LOL - That's the best interpretation so far. :)

shell out money for such sage advice/

I spent £55 on that ****ty interpretation, when I could've got it from the internet for free, and it'd probably be better.

Now, give money!

LOL Nice try. :D
I just bought a 3D television, let's hope they're all they're cracked up to be...

Re: Do you trust your memories?

That's right, Hexi. Such all-inclusive generalizations are just one of dozens of tried-and-true techniques in the old art of cold reading--the chicanery which for centuries has been employed by tarot readers, palm readers, crystal ball gazers, and all manner of self-described psychic.

As to why so many people buy this kind of nonsense, I think P.T. Barnum had it right when he said, "No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the public."


Re: Do you trust your memories?

There are gaps in my memory. I've done things I have no recollection of. Like when I crashed and fractured my skull... I don't even remember the moments leading up to that event.

So no, I don't trust my memories all that much.