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Re: Um.. how do you react to this?

...yeah and you believe my name is James Bond.

I will explain why I know that on your site later.

But anyway.. you'd just quote the Bible to them wouldn't you?

Nope. That'd be a great way to lose friends. I'd quote the Bible to Christian friends though.

Toby, sometimes human compassion is more important to humans than your Bible quotes.

It's a shame you can never experience true compassion then. I wouldn't just give them all Bibles and throw quotes at them. They aren't Christians, why would biblical quotes help?

Mother is the name for God in the hearts and on the lips of children.

William Thackeray said that in England, and was condemned for blasphemy.

Re: Um.. how do you react to this?

Abraham Lincoln cheated the constitution. Forced unpopular law changes and tried to force the South to obey. Then when the entire South straight up broke away... he commited the greatest of all sins and declared war against his fellow Americans. A war that coat the lives of countless men and women who where defending their way of life. Had they cheap labor Mexicans there wouldn't be a problem. Thats what I would have done.

Anyway after the South lost Abraham Lincoln was charged with dividing a nation and then commiting acts of genocide against fellow Americans. For these crimes against humanity he was executed via gun to the head style. DEATH TO ALL TYRANTS!!! It is my birth states Moto.

...Jesus never said anything about slavery being bad. Had he I'm sure southern people would have never had slaves at all. As the South is where real men come from. Meat and potatoes.. simple minded brutes but highly loyal. The D day memorial is in my county of orgin. A constant reminder of our bloodlines great sacrifice to save an old world... we should have just let die.

I belong to the warrior in whom the old ways are joined with the new.