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Re: Religion?

I like it! You could charge large fees to sign up, and threaten legal action against those who dislike it and you could call it... 'scientology'!


I'm Christian and this is not true. It's more like a zombie than a virus. :D

I'm thinking of "I Am Legend" the movie now for some odd reason...

I have had my non-dual experience, so I could call myself Swami Salami, hang out a shingle, start a website and proclaim to be able to solve all of your problems. All you’d have to do is sign away all of your assets to me, your Enlightened, Elevated Guru-du-jour. Sounds like a winner to me.

Re: Religion?

Re: Religion?

Waddup, G?

You, I must say, are very talented using Paint. :D

Re: Religion?

im is THINKING you dont ever READ bible?

if you DOES read bible im is THINKING you turn inligtened im DOES knows you are WEAK you FAITH is waving.
just because you did THINKS you KNOWS dosent make you KNOW eveything.
you DOES says i dont KNOWS when you SAY you knows you dont PROVES you knows.