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Imaginary Friends as an Adult

I am a single adult female, 35 who has managed to hold on to my imaginary friends into adulthood. It isn't maladaptive in that I can seperate fantasy from reality but I feel bad because I know it's abnormal. Should I seek help or is it harmless? I can be extaverted with ppl but its sometimes inauthentic, though I can maintaing social relationships in reality (usu. guarded with frienships but authentic in dating). As a kid I was extremely shy and withdrawn as a result of living in a verbally abusive home.
Thank you.

Re: Imaginary Friends as an Adult

Imaginary friend's are often used as a coping mechanism by childre for dealing with psychological abuse, and often they continue well into adulthood.
The fact you can differentiate between delusion and reality when it comes to the imginary friend's is indicative that you don't have any underlying delusionary disorder, such as psychosis.

I feel bad because I know it's abnormal. Should I seek help or is it harmless?

If it's not causing you any distress then I wouldn't bother seeking any help, but if they're causing you problems then you may want to get some proffesional help if you so choose.

As for them being 'normal' or 'abnormal', I wouldn't spend to much time labelling them as such, anything that deviates from average is labelled 'abnormal', so I wouldn't worry about that.

Re: Imaginary Friends as an Adult

I think you developed the imaginary friends in order to escape the abuse. Now perhaps it is just a habit. I wouldn't worry about it. Just enjoy life as best you can.

Re: Imaginary Friends as an Adult

Everyone has their coping mechanisms. I don't think there is anything wrong with imaginary friends, as long as they don't interfere with your life. Like said above, if it bothers you then seek help but if not then i don't see anything wrong with it. You would be surprised at how abnormal normal people really are. ;)

Re: Imaginary Friends as an Adult

It sounds odd. You don't acknowledge these imaginary friends around others do you? What you do alone is your business. At least we jmo you're not SZ. Cause after talking to yourself for so long.. hey do your imaginary friends have different personalities?

Would you explain them and their individuality?



Re: Imaginary Friends as an Adult

As long as you acknowledge they're not real, and they're not causing you any problems, then there's no need to seek out any help unless you really want to.

Don't worry, you're fine. :)

"The only normal people are the ones you don't know very well."

Re: Imaginary Friends as an Adult

I still want to know about these imaginary friends and their personalities.

I used to play with legos for hours alone building things and being creative. So I appriciate a good imagination.

Tell me about yours. It's more interesting than the usual boring stuff.