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Re: Let's hate Hexi because he doesn't think like we do.

im DOES thinking your IS true man and BRAVE to actualy argues with MANY peoples SAME TIME when they TRY bully you and hold to yours BELIEFS TOBY

Thank you. :)

im DOESNT think that how you DOES knows english is IMPORTANT it just SHOW you BEING in EDUCATION if it DOES be can UNDERSTAND then it be GOOD. but im IS think it be UNFAIR to say "im is gooder in english so i am cleverer" and then use that in argumentation.

I wasn't saying I am better at English, I was just trying to help him out, I wasn't arguing with him about that. :D

TOBY is special HEXI is special WHITEWOLF is special ROBERT is special all is special in own way...

I couldn't agree with you more! Well-Done! :)