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Re: whats tram pararam?

Because his friend has told him that he's got a problem with it, and obviously wants help.

I can't help you though, I have no idea what it is you're talking about.

Re: whats tram pararam?

Tram Pararam is a who not a what. He or she draws familiar cartoon characters in explicit (and often incestuous) scenes. Think hentai.

Re: whats tram pararam?

You're a mine of information, how'd you know that?

Re: whats tram pararam?

LOL google! and I have teen age sons.

Re: whats tram pararam?

**** it, now if I use Google I'll be a hyprocrite! :D

Re: whats tram pararam?

heheh ;)

Re: whats tram pararam?

It's not about knowing all the answers. It's about knowing where to get the answers.


Re: whats tram pararam?

I can still use Yahoo... :D

Re: whats tram pararam?

And what is so wrong with incest, or hentai for that matter, that it warrants "saving"? Incest fantasies are as old as pornography itself.

Re: whats tram pararam?

Fantasies are fine. We learned that a very common fantisy was one of Sado-Masochism. (Google away!)

Those types of fantasys are fine, as long as they don't start to effect your life in a negative way.