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Re: Whitewolf - why do you hate jesus?

That means I'm in the Quran.. which makes more sense than the Bible.

How exactly? And I don't mean that argumentatively, promise. :)

It also means when I die I don't get seven virgins.

Funny, no-one has ever considered they might not be female virgins... :P

I've never had anything against anyones faith.. Accept Catholics. That worshipping Mary crap is just as bad as the British worshipping their Queen.

I don't really like catholics either, but according to you 'I am worse' so... Whatever.
LOL We don't worship the Queen! Ah! :) We have pride in her, but we don't worship her.

What I don't like are the people of faiths.

Rest assured, the feelings are collectively mutual.

Re: Whitewolf - why do you hate jesus?

I like these conversations but Dr. Robert has nicely asked us not to have them. Religion is just too circular of an arguement to have here.

So I set up a forum just to address these crazy questions. Also a good place to debate faith with Toby.

Just click my website and come argue all you want.

Pride is a sin. Worshipping false idols is a sin... Toby.


Re: Whitewolf - why do you hate jesus?

Fair Enough.
I don't worship the Queen, I live in the country she reigns over, I don't worship her. I have pride in her, yes, but my no means do I worship her....

Re: Whitewolf - why do you hate jesus?

Thank you, Whitewolf. I appreciate your consideration in this matter, and I am glad that you have decided to stay here as well. Your point of view adds a great deal to the conversation.

By the way, religion is not a banned subject on this Forum to be sure. I only wish to discourage the silly, endless arguments about so-called "faith" that to me seem to take up time and space without going anywhere but in circles.

Be well,