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Re: brainwashing

This will most likely become a wall of text so i apologize in advance. It will also, most likely, contain incoherent ranting.

I will continue on on the subject of global brainwashing.

You should look into China, billions of people who have the choice to either work 12h/day or die, with no hope of ever getting out of that situation, for them or their children or their childrens children. That is where we are headed, on a global scale. You will have the unquestioned freedom to do what you're told or die of starvation.

Since the monarchies of europe were overthrown, the people with the "old money", the true capital, have been trying to get back in charge. The british empire crumbled because they lacked the essential component, delusional masses. This resulted in the formation of US, which ofcourse was the turning point for the empire.

WW1 was sparked by a single bullet. You do not cause such chaos without careful planning. The US joined the war after being isolated for so long over a telegram? Oh, right, they sank the Lusitania, which was in a warzone, and they knew it.

WW2 was sparked by a fire? Well, Germany invaded Polad, but on a pretense. Which they themselves started. If you believe old Nazi officers, that is. The US was supplying the Allies with arms and other stuff, for ridiculous prices. Untill pearl harbour, they were neutral. It's been suggested, and there is some evidence to support the claim, that the US knew Japan would attack, another pretense to go to war. US never declared war on anyone else but Japan, Germany declared war on the US, which makes no sense whatsoever. Atleast not if you are fighting a war already that you want to win, and were winning. Ofcourse the US put Hitler in power in the first place. Not to mention the military equipment they sold to them.

Now, what spawned from these 2 wars? Giants leaps in technology, medicine and a about 100mil corpses (no one knows the exact number ofcourse, it may as well have been double that), bankrupt europe and only 2 real superpowers but most importantly, the cold war. Cold war was the first of it's kind. It was a war waged over minds (aprt from proxy wars). Communism VS Liberty. More than that, it was a series of psychological and social experiments. The Germans (in ww2) had the nation swept by madness, this had to be researched and so they did. The US was a tough nut to crack because power was distributed. Capitalism and the incremental reduction of the distribution of power was the key. The next step, the current one, is the, again incremental, destruction of liberties on false pretenses. To rally the masses behind you by appearing the be the innocent victim is THE oldest trick in the book. It's basic psychological warfare 101 yet people fall for it again and again and again.

The direct spark of the current events is ofcourse 9/11 attacks, which resulted in the deaths of almost 3k people. The result, so far, is over 4k us soldiers and over 1 million Iraqis, most of them civilians. around 50k dead in Afghanistan. 7k+ in Somalia and lastly, the utter disfiguration of your vaunted liberties. They have become situational.

So now we are here. We have Russia which is as democratic as China. We have China that is the perverted offspring of communism and capitalism and the perfect example to follow if you want to control the masses. Then we have the EU which is following suit (unless it's dismantled) where unelected officials are deciding laws for individual countries. Then we have the US, which like i pointed out earlier, is heading towards a totalitarian police state, allthough slowly, if you look at the big picture of then and now.

Who controls these countries? The leaders? No, the corporations. Who controls the corporations? The offspring of the same "old money" people that swayed the monarchs of old. World domination has been attempted since the dawn of time but physical war has failed over and over again, for obvious reasons. The only way is to dumb down the masses, then unite the world with a "common goal", which is again a false pretense, and then bring the boot down, China style (Tiananmen square).

The key is to realize that there ARE people who simply do not care about human lives and look at them as a resource to which the laws of supply and demand apply. Give persons like that virtually unlimited resources and influence and it's not such a far-fetched idea, it might even seem like a noble idea, no more war or animosity. This is what my bored mind has thought about. I might be wrong or right, it doesn't REALLY matter, what matters is entertaining the thought. Maybe i just see the patterns more clearly because i am such a person who could execute such plans without remorse.

Thank you for reading. :)

QFT ;)

Our modern corporations are no different than the feudal systems of ancient Japan or the feudal systems in merry old England. It's the same old same old pattern since the dawn of time. Wealth is concentrated into the hands of the few, the wealthy control the masses through brainwashing, for lack of a better term, given enough to subsist but not enough to have the time to THINK.