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Re: pedophile? help! (ecce homo you are the best)

Hey Tom, thanks for the shout out! ;-)

I hope Toby and Unknown's answers were helpful to you. Toby's point about you not being attracted to children in your direct presence was a pertinent one, while Uknown's question about whether you yourself have been forced to have sex with an adult as a child would shed some light as to whether or not you had anything to "worry" about. The only thing I would add is you might think about, if you can, neither condoning (labelling as morally good) nor condemning (labelling as morally bad) this sexual attraction to children. Sometimes condemning and repressing (trying to bury) a behavior within ourselves only turns the impulse into a compulsion that hides in the shadows, waiting to overwhelm us later.

Like I said, I hope all of this helped.