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Re: Why do men find lesbians attractive?

I didn't want to tell my children that Santa existed at first, but my wife managed to persuade me. -_-

That's precisely why I married my husband. He's the only man I've ever met who could win an argument with me - not an argument of reason and facts but one of opinion - one relating to "the-meaning-of-life" sort of concepts - like this sort of argument would be. Something causes me to stop and consider his point of view might be right for some esoteric reason I cannot fathom.

Re: Why do men find lesbians attractive?

I love my wife; we can have arguments, or 'heated debates', forgive eachother, get along, and start again. :)

Gets on my nerves, but I really can't remember a time I've won an argument with her, I'll often keep arguing long after I realise I have lost... :)

Re: Why do men find lesbians attractive?

Great post, Doctor R. I check in here everyday and was also getting very tired of the proud, boastful so-call psychopaths. As you said, Doctor, nothing wrong with being a psychopath. . . that's just the way you were born. But when swagger and show off about your "freedom", it is obvious to everyone that you are completely hung up on yourself and your supposed "superiority" which really means you are afraid that you are just another ordinary idiot.

And the rest of you begging whitewolf not to leave. What a bunch of asslickers. No wonder wolf feels so special, you are all licking his ass for him.

Re: Why do men find lesbians attractive?

I asked him not to leave as I find him interesting, funny and I enjoy (most) of his random posts.

ricardo ganas
What a bunch of asslickers

You're well spoken!

Re: Why do men find lesbians attractive?

Thanks, Toby. You are not too bad yourself.

Re: Why do men find lesbians attractive?

Right on, Unknown. Say more please.

Re: Why do men find lesbians attractive?

Toby probably thinks about his wife getting it on with another woman would be hot.

Honestly? Yes, I do. :o)

Either that or their wife cheat on them... Toby.


Re: Why do men find lesbians attractive?

Well perhaps it's just for more sexual creatures. Sex is a pleasure to most. Something that should be enjoyed. I'm sure Arab women disagree. They get fixed just to make sure they don't get out of hand. How sad. Then again.. Most of the world is MAE dominated. Asian nations, India, all the muslims, south America and even Africa but thats no surprise.

So really where you come from determines many aspects of how you interput things. Meaning.. weren't not all going to agree on anything and even if we did our perception of that agreement would be different. To each their own.

But I know that most of you are somewhat of a western culture.