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Re: I'm out

I joined the experience group for psychopaths.

Peace out, haters.

Fascinating .... I've never met a psychopath with such a need for attention. >.>

Re: I'm out

Whitewolf I do wish you peace and happiness! From the bottom of my heart I thank you for your kindness. You did give me closure. I did hope you would stay. I think other people need you in the same way that my family did. You need anything. You know how to reach me.

Your a good man. Psychopath or not.

Re: I'm out

I'm still shocked that you wished me a happy birthday... I thought it was someone else pretending to be you again... :P

In one day 6 people have posted wanting you to stay, that's gotta mean something, right?

Re: I'm out

Toby were you referring to me being someone else? lol If so ya, it gets a little confusing sometimes.

But for what its worth I know about a week ago I got several emails from someone wanting info about Whitewolf. I know about as much as you all do and plan to keep it that way. If he wanted me to know he'd tell me. They said there only reason was for curiosity. Either way I respect Whitewolf's privacy. Some stuff just isn't my business.

Seriously thought you guys nailed who it was the other day over the transformers stuff..

Re: I'm out

Seriously thought you guys nailed who it was the other day over the transformers stuff...

We sure did, I loved that. :)

It will be sad if he chooses to leave, he was awesome and it was fun arguing with him about random stuff, he made me laugh LOL. :P

I don't know anything about him really, besides trivial stuff like his DOB.
These emails you got, any chance they were from something along the lines of

I got one but from that email address, but the title was "Whitewolf - Where does he live" It went straight to my spam, so i just got rid of it and didn't bother opening it.

Re: I'm out

No it was or something like that. I just told them to quit harassing me and ask him themselves. Again if he wanted them to know he'd tell them. Remember when I said I thought I knew who it was but it wasn't who they said?

Re: I'm out

Oh right.

Remember when I said I thought I knew who it was but it wasn't who they said?

Oh yes, and you were right! :) Who did you think it was?

Re: I'm out

Seems i missed some good entertainment while i was away! What was it about?

Re: I'm out

Toby I still won't say. I actually thought things were a bit better here the last few days. Not so much drama, some actual intelligent conversation. You folks blow me away.

Hexi ya I'm afraid there was some pretty good entertainment. I hope it wasn't so much it to drove Whitewolf away.

Re: I'm out

I'm sorry, don't say anything you don't want to.

Yes, Hexi, while you were away lots happened, someone came on here insulting Whitewolf. Whitewolf uses the aliases Predakingz and SkyLynx - They're transformers.
And this guy though that those aliases were his real names! :P
Lots of stuff happened

Re: I'm out

What I do draws attention away from whatever theme this doctor so chooses.

So I made my own myspace page where I can say and do whatever the hell I want. That way we can argue all we want but you have to have myspace to argue with me. Which means you have to put forward some real effort. Also I can write a blog of my life history and have a record of it in a stable location fir others to look at... and wonder why I'm not killing them.

Also.. I really have lived a terrible life and when someone tells me that only people who fear death believe in God. To be honest.. If it wasn't for my faith I'd probably have no problem at all killing all of you just like Mike Myers would. So it's a good thing I have good morals and beliefs in my fantasy Bible and thats not changing for anyone.

My display name is whitewolf. You are all welcome to my enclave. I'll add you all as friends and debate you till the end of time on your God, your morals and your silly emotions.

Re: I'm out

Lol, thats just... pathetic wolfie, i'm disappointed. Just run along like you proclaimed you would.

Re: I'm out


You have completely misunderstood my post in the lesbian thread, whether intentionally or unintentionally. I was not saying that your writing draws attention away from the themes that I wish to pursue. That is your interpretation and in my opinion it is incorrect. You have added to this forum in various ways, and I have nothing against you or against psychopaths in general.

If you had understood me properly, I was saying that my intention in founding and funding this forum was definitely NOT to provide a sounding board for psychopathy and only psychopathy. I am glad I said what I did, for the very interesting thread about "life and love" emerged as a direct result.

I understand that my attitude toward psychopathy, which is unusually open-minded compared to many psychologists, has drawn several psychopathic personalities to the forum, and that others who are not psychopathic have been interested in the opportunity to explore that kind of mind in an open way. However, I definitely do not want this forum to be DOMINATED by discussions and arguments about psychopathy as it has been in the previous few weeks--mostly involving exchanges between you and Toby, as well as a few foolish people who like to attack you and Toby. Perhaps for you the challenge of the psychopathic life is the only topic of interest, but if you visit my webpages you will see there that human life is rich and complex, and only a very small part of it has to do with psychopathy or with the "void" as you have called it. Therefore, I do not wish to have this space dominated by psychopaths and discussions about them and what they like and dislike or believe about themselves. There are many others who would like to contribute here, and some have been put off entirely by the single-minded focus on psychopathy which unfortunately has prevailed here recently. I want that to change, and that has nothing to do with "drawing attention" from the themes I want to see discussed, but rather has all to do with the original intention which was to have a forum to discuss ALL matters psychological--not just the one which seems to fascinate you. It is as simple as that.

You are welcome here and may say anything you wish. As you must know, I do not like to censor anything or anyone, and I have never removed a word you have written. But there must be a million things to discuss besides psychopathy and so-called religious "faith." I hope you will contribute to some of those discussions. If you choose not to, apparently, judging from some posts asking you to stay, you will be missed.

Personally, I wish you well in whatever you decide to do with your time instead of visiting here. And, if you really intend to open a space for psychopaths only, I wish you godspeed with it, and I may just visit.

Be well,

Re: I'm out

I'm always burning bridges. So ready to just completely destroy everything and quit. Even when I build a lot. I did make my own myspace page and I'm enjoying the building process.

But there's no reason to burn this bridge and I don't even know why I did it. It just seemed important. Impulses can be difficult.