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toby you are an idiot

toby, you are and idiot. I dont get how you are so stupid?? wtf is wrong with you???
why do you behave so stupid??? if i could i would get you. you stink and youre an idoiot.

how can anyone on here stand you. god isnt real, grow up.

Re: toby you are an idiot

Admittedly, I'm very new to this forum as I've only just stumbled upon it today, but it strikes me as just a tad ludicrous for someone who is clearly either uneducated or an imbecile to be calling anyone else an idiot.

Grammar. It's not just for smart people. Oh, wait. Maybe it is.

Re: toby you are an idiot

you aer an idiot also and so is toby. you are both idiots. he is so stupida nd he believes in god. stupid diot. hes probably relly fat and smells

Re: toby you are an idiot

Everyone is entitled to there own beliefs, and you sir, are an arrogant fool. please go back to your hole and remove yourself from the gene pool immediately.

Re: toby you are an idiot

you are all stupid. i am not arrogant. toby [bb] is [/bov[ an idiot!!!
1 he bileves in god
2 he is an idiot
3 he talks stupidly
4 he cnat spell.
so you can all shutup im nto a fool!

you wont asnwer my question how ca anyone stand him hes a retard!!!!!!!

Re: toby you are an idiot


4 he cnat spell.

that was amazing.. you couldn't imagine a mistake that perfect. i really do love you, and all your hill billy friends, you light up my day :)

Re: toby you are an idiot

4 he cnat spell

That was so delicious. :-)

Why do you 'hate' me?

You make me laugh.

Re: toby you are an idiot

An excellent example of trite, this one.

Re: toby you are an idiot

shtup hexi. you dont even liek him. he is an idiot and he souns like ******* retard,so do you if you likehim. why do u???

Re: toby you are an idiot

You don't have much basis for me being "stupid". You can't even spell yourself.

Re: toby you are an idiot

Actually, Toby, you kind of remind me of my dad sometimes. :) It's not a bad thing!

Re: toby you are an idiot

I wasn't sure if that was a compliment or a insult at first. :)

Re: toby you are an idiot

you DOESNT should call OTHER people NAMES or say they is STUPID and God DOES exists. im DOES thinking you probably dont believes in GOD because you is AFRAID to love and probably have much HATE in you. But you should maybe call me STUPID and IDIOT you can does that because im doesnt MIND but dont INSULTS these innocent people.

maybe you should TRIES to pray to GOD and go to HOLY PLACES sometimes and maybe then you DOES finding your TRUE selfless. if you DOSENT then maybe try FINDING other way to HELP PEOPLE.

Re: toby you are an idiot

I agree Lega!