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Re: Am i ill, or just plain weird?

Yes i get good grades, not good at making friends really, very good at making enemies, and yes i do find my life satisfactory. i will definitely make a note of that material, cheers for the reply

Re: Am i ill, or just plain weird?

No mentally sound adult should hear voices with no obvious source.
It might not be Psychosis, it could be a variety of mental disorders, inculding Schizophrenia.

I would seek proffesional advice as soon as you can, hearing voices isn't normal.

But there is an article here that suggest 'Hearing Voice is Normal -

I would still get checked out though it sounds like Schizophrenia - Emotional Difficulty, delusions/voices.

Re: Am i ill, or just plain weird?

I have already seen a psychiatrist, who was very confused, my diagnosis jumped from onset of schizophrenia to schizo-affective disorder to bi-polar + psychosis NOS to "hell i don't know your probably ok" sort of thing. and i currently do not have a diagnosis.

worst mistake of my life if I'm honest, as it is now holding back from becoming an officer in the RAF.
also i now suffer with chronic back pain, as i had a scary reaction to Haloperidol which caused me to convulse for the best part of a day, took the doctors ages to get the meds to help.

the point in me making this post if anyone is wondering was to get some other views, opinions and information that stems beyond my psychiatrist who can barely speak english.
cheers for the reply

Re: Am i ill, or just plain weird?

That study suggests that 1/25 people hear voice, I think it only becomes dangerous when you have severe Intrusive Thoughts and the voices tell you or dare you to jump in front of cars, etc.

Re: Am i ill, or just plain weird?

My voices have been aggressive and commanding before on many occasions, however i have learned to deal with this. if anyone else reading this is experiencing something like this, the only tip i could give is to always keep in mind that you are in control, the movement of your body and your actions are for you to control alone, and they can never make you do anything, you are the master of your body.

Re: Am i ill, or just plain weird?

Hi Jimmy.

In some religious/spiritual traditions, hearing voices can be a sign of contacting disincarnate entities. These disincarnate entities include but are not limited to angels, demons, guides, those humans who have passed on, and so on. Per their teaching, the best way to tell if those voices are in fact from another plane of existence is to see if they give you consistently accurate information, especially about things, events and people you could not possibly have known about through the normal means. Also, look for meaningful insights, if there are any. Finally, look for guidance from these voices that leads toward experiencing greater peace and harmony both within and without. If these voices don’t guide you in any of the above (accurate information, meaningful insights or guidance towards greater internal peace, love, joy, etc) then concern is warranted.

Notice I was careful to word the above comment as “some religious traditions”. I worded it that way because there is also the possibility that you are indeed suffering from a kind of “disorder”. I don’t hold the belief that normal is something to aspire to, so it makes no difference to me one way or the other if I or you or anybody else is normal. Are you functioning in the way you would like to? Are you happy? At peace? Loving your life? Loving others and living with them sanely? Those are the kinds of questions I’d ask if I were in your shoes, voices or no. Most “normal” people listen quite intently to the voice in their head they call “ego” and everyone seems perfectly ok with calling that sane, regardless of the insanity that goes on in the name of “ego”. See what I mean?

In any event, good luck Jimmy!

Re: Am i ill, or just plain weird?

You should examine it more closely and then, embrace it. Be open about it and rationalize your little quirk of hearing voices. Meds only alleviate the symptoms and in many cases, will eventually let the pent up emotions loose in an episode. If you truely feel like you can't live your life with these voices, get admitted.

Re: Am i ill, or just plain weird?

ohh the amount of theories ive gone through is unbelievable, and these include demons, the slightly less than alive and angels, even the voice of some higher being, such as God, which is extremely add for me as i am an absolute atheist, the only way ive managed to rationalise it, other than thinking it to be mental illness, is to run along the lines that we as humans can never know everything, and our experience of the world is limited to 5 measly senses, perhaps there is more beyond what we can perceive and i am somehow unlucky enough to be more sensitive to these mysteries. however, when it comes down to it, im probably just ******* nuts.