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Re: "When[...]"

Not really. That kind of response was basically what I expected from you, it's fine.
Get over it? In what way do you mean that?

Exactly as i said it, though it wasn't direceted at you specifically. It's your right, as an individual mind, to believe what you want. I don't care what you believe in and most certainly you don't care that i don't care. It's fine to discuss anything and everything, it's how new ideas are born but people get way, way too emotional over something as subjective as religion. Those that do, need to get over it and accept that there is no "right" view of god, the tooth fairy or the magical, invisible teapot that orbits the moon.

Re: "When[...]"

I care that you don't care. I don't disregard the fact you don't care.

If you told be right now you had converted to Islam, of course I would care, how callous do you think I am?

I think Whitewolf or someone said "It doesn't matter anyway, you don't care about psychopaths...."
WTF? Yes I do..... What reason would I have for not caring?

Re: "When[...]"

I care that you don't care. I don't disregard the fact you don't care.

See, this is another peculiar thing. For me, things that don't affect me personally mean absolutely nothing. I can discuss them but on a personal level, i don't care, at all. If... let's say the continent of Africa vanished i would talk about it with people, but i wouldn't lose my sleep or anything. :)

Re: "When[...]"

let's say the continent of Africa vanished

Yeah, but no-one really likes Africa... :)
No, I'm joking.
If right now on the news it said "Africa has vanished" I wouldn't lose sleep either, really...
But If I went to Africa and saw the state the people were in, then, I would be emotional.

You don't affect me personally, but I still care. I still treat you the same as I would any other person.